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Want to sell hotel rooms on your website? 4 tips on how to finally make it work. You'd love guests book their room directly with you, no question about it. But selling hotel rooms on your website is like selling any other product - the better the packaging and presentation, the better your sales. Photo courtesy @mercantile/Unsplash When [...]

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The best approach for more traffic to your hotel website and 5 brilliant examples “Our online presence is up, but how do we get visitors to our hotel website?” A topic that is initially viewed with a great deal of skepticism, especially in the hotel industry. Image Courtesy Andrea Piacquadio "Without OTAs we have no chance." "As an [...]

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Hotelmarketing, how to respond to guest reviews and the art of emotional connection. "Sorry, we did not meet your expectations" is one of the typical statements from hotels to respond to a critical guest review on a travel platform... ... a travel platform that invites your guests to praise and criticize your business based on their rules... What [...]

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How to turn your hotel into a brand that thrills your guests. If you want more guests and direct bookings, you shouldn't advertise hotel rooms ... Because it's LOUD online, and it's getting louder every day. One ad message chases the next and everyone wants our attention. How can you, and especially as a hotel, attract attention under [...]

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"I need more guests who book my hotel directly, but it just doesn't work!" There is a reason. What helps hotels to increase business? Direct bookings, the right guests, and preferably a full house. But despite all the marketing efforts, it just doesn't work. And no, there’s no lecture on search engine optimization coming up, and how you [...]

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The 4 Powerful Resources of Hoteliers, and Corona.

The 4 Powerful Resources of Hoteliers that’ll help You Overcome the Aftermath of Corona.The world as we know it is dissolving.A transformation that scares.Like everything outside of our experience and control.And the transformation we’re experiencing is huge.Hotel industry and tourism are among the sectors most affected by the Corona crisis. To reduce the risk of infection, the hotel product [...]

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