The best approach for more traffic to your
hotel website and 5 brilliant examples

“Our online presence is up, but how do we get visitors to our hotel website?”

A topic that is initially viewed with a great deal of skepticism, especially in the hotel industry.

Image Courtesy Andrea Piacquadio

“Without OTAs we have no chance.”

“As an individual hotel, we can’t do that, anyway.”

“I have no idea about SEO.”

“I don’t have time for all that effort”.

To be straightforward: This is not about: “I’ll have a look at it at some point”, but it’s about your existence as a business.

If you want your hotel to be successful, be well positioned digitally. There is no way around it. If you are not seen online, you “don’t exist”. That may sound dramatic, but it’s true.

The website is only the starting point for your hotel. Here you convince potential guests to book. But how do you make visitors aware of your hotel?

It’s actually not that difficult if it weren’t for the mental barrier of many hoteliers, that hotel marketing is a complex and costly affair.

You only need three things to attract visitors to your hotel website:

An online presence with flair and personality, the courage to show yourself and a little perseverance.

You have the greatest chance of success with content marketing – useful content you produce for your target audience and the opposite of intrusive, loud advertising.

When we use the internet, it is mostly because we have a question that we want an answer to. Content or inbound marketing is content – informative and / or entertaining answers to questions from your target group.

They provide the information you want and attract attention.

The more helpful and original your content, the greater the impression you will make.

Do you regularly host weddings in your home? The “perfect guide to wedding planning” is available on every corner, but give every bride a try with these burning questions:

  • “What do I do with my wedding dress after the wedding?”
  •  “How does my bridal bouquet stay fresh in the summer heat?”
  •   “How do I keep Aunt Anni from arguing with Uncle Herbert at the party?”

You then pack this information in attractive formats for downloading or reading on your website:

  • A funny guide on what you can create from the material of a wedding dress,
  • a check-list about wedding flowers,
  • or a blog post with psychological tricks….

Texts and content that reflect the personality and brand of your hotel and stand out from the crowd.

You should consider two things: Make sure the topics you choose revolve around the questions your favorite guests seek answers for, and ensure that your content contains the corresponding keywords.

Fortunately, search engines are much more clever today and integrating keywords into your copy has become a lot easier. Especially Google’s algorithm is putting large emphasis on “helpful content”, which plays an increasingly important role in their ranking.

How do you find the “right” keywords? If you are just starting out, here’s a great video on SEO and keyword research from Neil Patel.

And don’t forget to mention and talk about your posts on social networks! Meet your favorite guests where they are hanging out and share diligently. If you stick with it, you’ll soon see first results.

Your prospective guests will appreciate you being helpful, they will feel you understand them and their interest in your hotel increases. Visitors stay longer on your website, your ranking improves, and search engines will find you more easily and more often. This results in more traffic to your hotel website, which brings you more bookings and more sales.

Sounds too easy?

Well, once you sit down to write your first blog post, you’ll see that there is a bit of work involved… The good news is, the more often you do it, the easier and faster it gets!

And once you’ve overcome this initial hurdle, you’ll see that marketing can even be fun! Creative juices flow and great ideas pop up.

Check it out for yourself:

5 brilliant hotel ideas that draw attention

A great offer

Sometimes an unusual offer get people to look closer.

The Evian Resort Hotel Royal in France, for example, has “forest bathing” on offer. A kind of meditation in the forest to unleash the healing powers of nature. A fascinating concept that originally came from Japan.

Hotel Royal has positioned itself as a place of luxury and excellence, but it’s their forest therapy that pulls visitors in and gets their interest.

Get noticed by the press:

Virgin Hotels does a fabulous job doing this . They get mentioned regularly. From Travel Magazines to the New York Times – Upbeat and sassy,  Virgin Hotels know Journalists love good stories and are always on the lookout for material…

Use famous brands and set the scene for your hotel

The Hotel Imperial in Vienna had a wonderful idea. Vienna stands for the Vienna Philharmonic, Waltz and the State Opera. Terms that immediately evoke lovely images, feelings and ideas. So, Hotel Imperial made one soloists of the Vienna State Ballet dance to waltz music through the hotel and introduce the premises.

A video that beautifully sums up everything the Imperial stands for …

Turn something familiar into something special

Events in your city and the surrounding area are always hot topics, but being different matters. Instead of talking about the usual tourist places and events, have a different chat with your ideal guests:

  • Do you know who is currently visiting Seattle?”
  • “What bizarre exhibition takes currently place in Soho?”
  • “Have you ever sat under that old oak tree by the entrance?” and then tell them a delightful story ….

Or how about inviting well-known personalities or people with interesting backgrounds for a get-together? Discuss engaging and riveting topics and make it real special.

Fascinate your guests and allow them a look behind the scenes

Even the posh Ritz Carlton does it: “We are no different from anybody else” is the message and it helps create trust and connection. Visitors have the feeling that they “know” the Ritz a little better. The result? They come across as less aloof and distant and people connect easier.

Mingle with interesting people and talk about it 

Hotels G has come up with a brilliant concept: “Events around the globe” targets the interests of their audience: design, fashion, music, and culture. They are meeting with influencers around the world to inspire and educate their target audience.

This concept also works offline: Invite well-known personalities of the city to a get-together with guests and discuss topics that interest your target group? In real time, what is currently having great virtual success with the new Clubhouse app. Where people from a wide variety of backgrounds meet and have highly interesting discussions.

Insider tips

So you can get everyone. We all want to have “authentic experiences” and meet “the people” behind the showcase facade. Tips on your favorite hangouts, restaurants or a very special bar are worth their weight in gold in the eyes of your guests. The problem is, of course, when too many people know about it, the insider tip is quickly no longer …

But it is often enough to give the other person the feeling that there is something very special here. If you put your dream guest at the center of these considerations, then you are sure to come up with some great ideas very quickly which would make him or her happy.

You have to work on partnerships and friendships – on those with potential guests too!

If you regularly upload good content, you will be found, because search engines only want one thing: to offer their users high-quality content.
Every post you upload helps you reach more people in the process. With the right content, you can turn your target audience into a fan base, and then selling is not that difficult after all

Well worth the effort.

Want to know how you can attract attention with your homepage and get more direct bookings? Here are my tips for more sales on your hotel website: