Why Buyer Personas are crucial for more Direct Bookings

and how to create them.

A buyer what? No, this is not yet another trendy marketing approach to drive an already very busy hotelier
or hotel marketer crazy, but a hugely valuable tool designed to make your life easier.

Imagine planning your next marketing strategy.
Goal is to fill your hotel at the best possible rates.

You are making a real effort promoting your features and highlighting your offers.
Your hotel product is presented on several different platforms and you hope to attract the kind of guests
that will really appreciate it. But the results turn out to be mediocre.

Creating a buyer persona for more direct bookings

Now imagine a marketing strategy designed to pull in Wilma, an energetic, middle-aged woman who is away on business:

She likes a hotel that offers authentic hospitality, provides professional assistance and makes her even feel a little bit at home at the end of a busy working day.

With only a few first details in mind, already a number of great reasons why your hotel might be the perfect place for her to stay start popping up.

Wilma is a buyer persona – a detailed, data based representation of your ideal hotel guest.

She’ll help you move your hotel’s marketing strategy from vague to highly targeted.

If you don’t want to run the risk of promoting past your market, this is your secret weapon.

You believe you know your customer and hotel guests, but once you take a closer look, you often realize that you don’t know them that well after all…

Take the test and look at these questions. Can you answer them with confidence?

What value do your ideal guests see in booking your hotel

What attracts them to you? (ask and you might get surprising answers!…)

What price are they willing to pay?

Where do you find your ideal guests online?

What kind of targeted content pulls them in?

What features are most important to them?

Creating a buyer persona forces you to look closer and provides you with real insight
into your guests’ preferences and needs.

This knowledge changes everything:

You are now able to tailor your messaging and personalize your marketing communication.

You can discover trends and attract more of your ideal guests.

And you can create successful marketing strategies for all of your hotel products.

How do you create a buyer persona?

Simply put, try to find out everything you can about a specific target audience for a specific product.

Start with analytical data and add your own first-hand knowledge.

Interview actual hotel guests, create a survey and get feedback from prospects.

Research online for comments and discussions and gain true insight into what guests like

about your hotel product and service and what they don’t like.
To provide you with a better idea, let’s use Wilma as a sample of what a buyer persona for your hotel could look like:


Buyer Persona: Corporate Wilma


Age 28-42
Income: $54,000
City girl


Director of Sales
Started as a sales rep at a small company and worked her way up through the ranks
She now represents an international consultancy firm


Highly competitive go-getter
Always busy
Prefers messages that get to the point per email Needs quick and attentive support while preparing
for her next business meeting
Appreciates a casual atmosphere and friendly chat when she returns to the hotel from a hard day’s work

Her goals:

Increasing sales and overall performance at her company
Aims for a promotion to VP Sales


Getting everything perfectly organized for her next presentation
The small, time-consuming details
Juggling several projects at the same time

Actual quotes she uses:

“I don’t have time for a lengthy breakfast.”
“It’s been difficult to get a steady, strong internet connection for my online meetings”
“ The thing I love most about this place is their attention to detail and their ability to provide quick solutions.”

Here you go – that’s what Corporate Wilma is looking for.
You can now develop a powerful and focused marketing strategy to attract this kind of guest.

Personas will work for different niches and segments of your hotel – whether you offer family vacations, sell Spa-packages, host weddings or meetings or want to promote a specialty restaurant.

You can have one or two personas or as many as 10 – it all depends on the kind of business you are trying to attract.

A “negative” persona can also be very effective, as it represents the type of guests you do not want to attract to your hotel. (Examples are guests who are solely price-driven, or people who are only interested in staying one night.)

Tailor your message, focus on the benefits you offer the specific target audience and use your persona’s preferred communication tools, and you’ll have a huge edge over your competition.

Want to reach as many prospects as possible and make them realize that your offer stands out?


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