13 09, 2020

How to turn your hotel into a brand that thrills your guests

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How to turn your hotel into a brand that thrills your guests. If you want more guests and direct bookings, you shouldn't advertise hotel rooms ... Because it's LOUD online, and it's getting louder every day. One ad message chases the next and everyone wants our attention. How can you, and especially as a hotel, attract attention under these circumstances? To have a chance at all, you don’t have a choice but to bite the bullet and appear on booking platforms together with loads of competitors ... That, however, raises the question, why you won't find Apple together [...]

1 08, 2020

I need more guests who book my hotel directly

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"I need more guests who book my hotel directly, but it just doesn't work!" There is a reason. What helps hotels to increase business? Direct bookings, the right guests, and preferably a full house. But despite all the marketing efforts, it just doesn't work. And no, there’s no lecture on search engine optimization coming up, and how you can rank number 1 on Google. Sure, your guests will have to find you, but the actual problem is a different one. Many hotel websites simply do not leave a lasting impression, and it costs hotels, guests and sales. Because [...]

10 02, 2020

Why nagging hotel guests are great for sales

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Nagging hotel guests are excellent for sales! ... if you listen carefully ... and draw the right conclusions ... A good marketing strategy, the right guests and occupancy and sales will sort themselves. If only it were that simple. But (hotel) life is not perfect and when people come together, different expectations and personalities meet. That doesn't always go smoothly ... and that's how complaints come about. It may not be pleasant, but listen carefully! Because this is the opportunity to view and understand problems from your guests' perspective. These are the moments when guests tell you what [...]

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