Would this help you provide an exceptional hotel experience?

  • Make an additional 15-30% on your room rates cause you’d depend less (much less!) on OTA bookings?

  • Get the kind of guests that appreciate your most important differentiator – your hospitality?

  • Have a loyal following that happily promotes your hotel?

  • Without starting from scratch and investing into a major marketing campaign?

Did I hear a longing yesssssss?

(I thought so)

I know what kind of effort goes into serving the daily portion of “perfect” hotel experience.

You have the ideas on how to make it happen, but implementing the required elements is a challenge, especially when revenue is not up to par and “saving” is the predominant motto…

That’s why you’ve increased your marketing efforts, re-designed your website, and why you try to stay in touch with your guests on TripAdvisor and social networks.

But the results are not quite what you’ve hoped for.

You are still fighting the price battle, relying on OTAs for occupancy but not getting enough direct bookings.

Your marketing strategy is not as effective as it could be – because you’re not standing out.

Tempting images, enticing room features and great interior design…

Your competitors are offering pretty much the same and that’s not really what leads to your guests’ purchase decision.

They are looking for a great host and an experience that’ll make them feel good.

Wouldn’t you do the same? When you book a hotel, you want to know that you’re visiting somewhere special.
Inviting and welcoming. A place where people look after you well….

And you enjoy reading about it in a way that resonates and connects you on an emotional level…

…and when you begin to envision the pleasures to come, you don’t think any longer about dimensions and discounts, but instead press the button that directs you to the booking engine…

Ready to transform your marketing message, be different and leave your competitors behind?

Wow great work, above and beyond what I was expecting.


Creative, engaging and fun to work with.


I was really happy with the results!

T. Kunter

I’m delighted I chose TextSpotOn and I’m delighted with the results.


Very creative ideas – very pleased with the work!

Hermans palms

Smart Hotel Marketing will get you results, but it requires time and resources.
Leave it to me to do the hard work, while you focus on making your hotel guests happy!

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