Would this help you provide an exceptional hotel experience?

Make an additional 15-30% on your room rates cause you’d depend less (much less!) on OTA bookings?

Get the kind of guests that appreciate your most important differentiator – your hospitality?

Have a loyal following that happily promotes your hotel?

– Without starting from scratch and investing into a major marketing campaign?

Did I hear a longing yesssssss?
(I thought so)

I know what kind of effort goes into serving the daily portion of
“perfect” hotel experience.

You have the ideas on how to make it happen, but implementing the required elements is a challenge, especially when revenue is not up to par and “saving” is the predominant motto…

That’s why you’ve increased your marketing efforts, re-designed your website, and why you try to stay in touch with your guests on TripAdvisor and social networks.

But the results are not quite what you’ve hoped for.

You are still fighting the price battle, relying on OTAs for occupancy but not getting enough direct bookings.

Your marketing strategy is not as effective as it could be – because you’re not standing out.

Tempting images, enticing room features and great interior design…
Your competitors are offering pretty much the same and that’s not really what leads to your guests’ purchase decision.

They are looking for a great host and an experience that’ll make them feel good.

Wouldn’t you do the same? When you book a hotel, you want to know that you’re visiting somewhere special.
Inviting and welcoming. A place where people look after you well….

And you enjoy reading about it in a way that resonates and connects you on an emotional level…

…and when you begin to envision the pleasures to come, you don’t think any longer about dimensions and discounts, but instead press the button that directs you to the booking engine…

Ready to transform your marketing message, be different and leave your competitors behind?

Wow great work, above and beyond what I was expecting.” – Hblguard

“Creative, engaging and fun to work with.” – QpidConnections

“I was really happy with the results! ” T. Kunter

I’m delighted I chose TextSpotOn and I’m delighted with the results.” – Paperplane

“Very creative ideas – very pleased with the work!” Hermans palms

The Personality Pack

Winning Content Marketing Pack

Want to have a loyal following? Excite with content - content that’s highly valuable to your readers!
Have them press up their noses against your online hotel window, eager to get in and see what goodies
you’ve prepared for them.

I uncover for you what attracts your ideal guests.

What gets them to drop whatever they’re doing, in order to read and share the valuable information
that benefits their interests and needs.

That makes them come back for more and gets them to spread the word about you.

That makes them a loyal tribe and fan club that supports and act as your reference.

Initial online meeting, road map planning and editorial calendar for 6 months


And if you like……I’d be happy to create some real eye catchers for you – research the ideal topics, write about the stuff your guests love and distribute it for you.

With a follow-up analysis that'll tell you how well each blog or article worked.

Depending on your needs and frequency, (monthly) rates will vary.

Branding Preparation Pack

As personal branding guru Dan Schwabel says, “When you brand yourself properly,
the competition becomes irrelevant”.

Unmistakable hotel brands like the Waldorf Astoria, the Peninsula and the Savoy are best proof.
While they offer a great product, they also understand how to cultivate their hotel personalities …

I uncover the emotions and expressions your ideal guests use when speaking about their requirements and wants,
and the things that are really important to them.

What resonates with them on a deep emotional level and how you can earn their loyalty.

What their pain points are and the solutions that create value for them.

We’ll find out everything there is about your ideal guest and put together the puzzle pieces that’ll help you create a strong emotional message and build a brand with impact.

US$ 1,250

Rent your own CHCS (Creative Hotel Content Strategist)

Sometimes, the hardest thing is to start. So much to accomplish, so much to take care of, and your new and improved marketing strategy slips further and further down the mile-long-to-do-list.

Together we’ll look at where you are in terms of your hotel marketing and how we can turn the good stuff you already have into great stuff.

This includes, but is not limited to re-designing your website content (SEO of course is part of it), optimizing your social networking strategies, so you can start building a powerful tribe, training to write the kind of emails and guest answers that fit your hotel’s personality and coming up with creative ideas that’ll leave a lasting impressions and make your guests come back for more.

To get things going and to see first results, a minimum engagement of three month initially is required.
After that, you can either continue on your own, (I’ll share with you all we know, so you can keep going) or if you enjoy our working together, we can carry on for another month and another, and...

Initial meeting & roadmap planning: US$500

Monthly rate: US$2,350

Pull-them-in Training Pack

I’ll show you how to personalize your email responses so you’ll stand out when it comes to decision-making time. The phrases and wordings you need to avoid at all costs and the little tweaks and twists that’ll create an instant emotional connection and will win you the trust of your readers.

I’ll share with you the crucial ingredients of a compelling sales letter, starting from a powerful header down to the call to action, so you’ll never again lose a lucrative conference or convention to the competition because their offer sounded more convincing …

…and the powerful components of blogging, as a real driving power to get people to enter your sales funnel. You’ll learn how to create an editorial calendar, come up with interesting topics for your target audience, optimize for SEO and how to re-use existing content to keep you going.

For a quote, email me at textspoton@gmail.com.

Smart Hotel Marketing will get you results, but it requires time and resources.
Leave it to me to do the hard work, while you focus on making your hotel guests happy!

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