“A picture is worth a thousand words”…

… but nothing is more memorable, colorful and vivid

than the pictures of our imagination …

Recently, I was invited to an anniversary celebration of a well-known pet store at a large hotel. While there, I enter one of the huge showrooms, and what do I see? They must have found a way to get out of the aquarium, cause about 20 grass-green tree frogs, all dressed in tiny white tulle skirts were hopping around the place!

This story is of course entirely fictitious, but – did I have your attention? Did you see the frogs in front of you, jumping elegantly from one spot to the next? Did you maybe even have to repress a small smile?

Sometimes it’s just a few words in a headline that have a big impact, and sometimes it’s good stories that arouse our interest and make us curious to hear more ….

Young lady walking through the hotel lobby - direct hotel bookings

It is not for nothing that we speak of “the power of words.”

Words influence how we perceive, what we remember, how we think and act, and they shape how we see the world.

In the hotel industry, in advertising, we mainly rely on the attractive image material of our properties and rooms, When I was still in hotel management, I regularly attended marketing meetings and was always disappointed how little was being done to attract the attention of potential guests and to increase sales.

Whether business hotel or vacation-resort, the marketing strategies were almost always the same: a short-term reduction in room prices or the creation of a “special package” with a small added “extra”…

One thing I knew for sure. If I was a potential hotel guest this would not have made an impression on me, at all!

"Copy" is written content that, based on human experience and behavior, speaks to customers, resonates with them and gets them to take action.

People, for example, prefer to buy from someone they like.

In hotel marketing, we tend to mainly focus on the benefits of our product (great rooms, nice location, soft pillows) to attract potential guests. While this is important information, a site visitor perceives it as just that – helpful information that might come in handy later on, when it’s time to compare.

It’s just that – Neutral facts.

Copy, on the other hand, meets the reader at an entirely different level.

By using this tried, true and proven process, you are able to address potential guests directly and establish an emotional connection with them. They feel understood, attracted and gain confidence, and suddenly, in their eyes, your hotel product stands out.

Successful Hotel Marketing cannot do without Copywriting

Copy affects all of your advertising, from your hotel website to your sales letters, it’s in the responses to your guest reviews and on your Facebook page.

Not hyped up or based on clever marketing strategies, but authentic, honest and reflecting your hotel’s personality.

Hotel Copy for me means to capture what makes a hotel special. To convey to potential guests what your hotel is all about, and to introduce them to their host.

People long for real connections, for appreciation and the feeling of being welcome.

Hotel copywriting should express all this.

Your guests must feel they know, like and trust you. And when the time of the decision-making has come, you must be the first and only hotel that is up for debate.

  • Maintain a lively exchange with your fan base

  • Position your property

  • Make sure you attract your ideal guest

  • Motivate your ideal guest

And when the time is right, you’ve gained the confidence and attention you need to win the bid.

Show what your hotel brand has to offer and welcome the kind of guests who are looking for exactly that offer!

Take the reins in your hand!

Decide for yourself how your hotel is marketed, positioned and perceived by your desired guests.

Look forward to the room rates your hotel really deserves!

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