Copywriting is one of the most powerful tools you can use to attract hotel guests and get Direct Bookings.

Ever visit a website and a powerful headline jumps out at you and immediately has your attention? Sometimes it’s only a line or two, but the message is so clear and to the point that you instantly understand the essence of the product. And it gets you interested in finding out more.

Now look at hotel websites. They greet you with great imagery and then welcome you with a long listing of their room inventory and features.
And they all look very much the same….

Most hotels don’t market what they do best –

Being warm and welcoming hosts to their guests and provide them with a, relax-we’ll-take care-of-it-for-you haven,

but instead, they simply describe the hotel’s features.

Young lady walking through the hotel lobby - direct hotel bookings

Let’s look at the definition of copywriting.

“Copywriting the art and science of strategically delivering words that engage people on an emotional level and get them to take a form of action”.

These are not randomly-put-together-words with the purpose of sounding nice.

These are carefully crafted conversations with your readers in mind.

They inform, provide guidance, and create excitement and anticipation,
they help potential guests see a crystal clear picture of your message for them
and they lead to action.

Copy touches every part of your hotel marketing –
On your hotel website, in your sales letters, in your responses to guest reviews,
in presentations, and on your Facebook page.

Copy helps you move from being One of Many to becoming a Brand. – from being reliant on OTAs to being Independent.

It helps you attract the guests you’re really looking for.

It makes you stand out.

But – “A picture is worth a thousand words!” Or is it?

How well do you think, your hotel images really communicate the words you want prospective guests to hear and especially feel? And how much of an impact do your photographs actually have, once your visitors start comparing them with another 10 hotels, similar to yours?

So, instead of focusing on putting heads in beds, show the world what a great host you are.

Get your favorite guests to do (just about J) anything to secure a room at your hotel and experience your awesome hospitality.

I am passionate about our industry and I know, hotels are SO much more than their interior design and location.

The heart of a hotel is the way you take care of your guests.

For me, hotel marketing is not about buzz-words and being loud, but capturing the essence of a hotel’s “personality” and communicating that special flavor of hospitality, that’s yours and yours alone, to your guests.

It’s not easy to get the attention of your target audience these days. Science claims our attention span as humans has already declined to a mere 8 seconds – the time you can keep a goldfish interested! And we are bombarded with marketing messages all day long.

But the good news is, the more noise there is in the marketplace and the more technology evolves, the more people crave human connection authentic relationships. And where are the chances better of it happening than staying at a great place with a great host?

Take back the reins!

Market Your Hotel as an Individual Powerful Brand!

Attract, engage and persuade prospects and turn them into hotel guests!

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