“Copywriting for hotels”

“A picture is worth a thousand words”…

… but it won’t get you more direct bookings or more sales …

I was recently invited to a large hotel for the anniversary celebrations of a well-known pet store. And what do I see when I open the door to one of the exhibition rooms? Somehow, they must have escaped from one of the enormous aquariums – around twenty grass-green tree frogs, all dressed in tiny, white tulle skirts, boisterously jumped around!

Ok, I’ve made it up. The story is entirely fictitious, but – did I spark your interest?
Did you see a room full of miniature frogs, elegantly leaping from one spot to the next?
Did you maybe even have to repress a slight smile?

Good! I had your full attention
… and that’s what you want for your boutique hotel – exclusive and undivided attention.

Because it’s tiring to put in so much, only to end up on a booking platform as
“one of many” and get charged a hefty commission for the privilege, right?

And then host guests who watch every penny and make huge claims.

No, you want to attract guests that suit your hotel, appreciate your offer
and willingly pay for the splendid hotel experience you provide.

How is that supposed to work without distribution partners who always want to have a say?

With a hotel website and marketing that does more than welcome visitors and provide information.

Marketing copy that persuades potential guests to book – right here and now.

Copy that makes you stand out, connects you with your readers and

converts window shoppers into customers and raving followers.

When they visit your site, your guests need to feel:
“Woah! They understand exactly what I am looking for!”, “I’ve found the right place!”

They need to feel a strong emotional connection
and your hotel should always be at the center of their attention.

What differentiates you from your competition and makes you unique must immediately be obvious.

Good copy meets your guests exactly where they are on their buyer’s journey and in the end,
it should all come down to one question: Where can I book?”

In a nutshell – The right copy sells your hotel – 24/7!

welcome sign representing hotel experiences for more direct bookings

Most hotel websites focus on the advantages of their product: impressive rooms, beautiful location, soft pillows.

While this is essential information, website visitors perceive it as just that – details that are useful but by not a reason to book, because  …

Your guests are dreaming about a splendid hotel experience.

They envision a romantic weekend that’ll rekindle the spark in their relationship, a highly successful business meeting that’ll bring lucrative opportunities, or a joyful family celebration, where everyone reunites.

Your guests look forward to immersing themselves in the unique atmosphere of “their” hotel, and meeting interesting, amiable people. In short – your guests are looking for a fabulous host.

You’ve put your heart and soul into your boutique hotel.

Let’s show it to your guests!

I know how much effort it takes to run a hotel and to do justice to every guest every day. And how frustrating it can be to depend on booking sites and feel compelled to cut prices. Which means that revenue is not what it’s supposed to be, urgently needed investments have to wait, complaints increase and therefore more effort is required …

Even on a “normal” hotel day there is hardly any time for family and friends,
but then at least it should be worth your while, right?

What you need is a house full of your ideal guests who book direct. You don’t want to attract just anyone,
but guests who appreciate your property, are completely satisfied and leave great reviews.

You think your hotel marketing is in great shape? Your team knows what matters?

Then I’m inviting you to check out this insightful hotel marketing experiment.

Compete for your exceptional hotel experience and not for a price!

Expressive website copy let’s your guests see why YOU are the hotel, everyone is talking about.

For more direct bookings and more revenue.

I help boutique hotels find out what makes them unique hosts,
and show them how to communicate this
– with lots of personality – to their dream guests.

Hotel websites, Facebook presentations, sales letters or responses to guest reviews –

Words have power, and great Copy

attracts and appeals, evokes emotions and gets people to take action.

Use copy as a powerful tool of your dynamic hotel marketing strategy.

The opposite of “hot air”, empty phrases and meaningless marketing blah-blah, but

Captivating copy that captures the personality of YOUR hotel, gets the attention of YOUR favorite guests and makes them enthusiastic supporters of a marvelous hotel experience. Hotel marketing that leads to results.


Creative Hotel Marketing

Your hotel has personality and delights.

Your website copy should do the same.