Genuine Hospitality is a Priceless Treasure. It cannot be copied. And your Hotel immediately Stands Out.

If you think back to a real pleasant hotel your stayed at, what comes to mind foremost? – The luxurious bed sheets or the huge rainwater showerhead in the bathroom? Or does it put a smile on your face remembering that amicable chat with the receptionist after your arrived from a long exhausting trip; or the fuss the very nice waiter made over you during dinner; or the helpful concierge who greeted you by name the next morning and shared with you where you could get the best coffee in town?

What might seem like small insignificant interactions actually have big impact, because they create positive emotions, which in turn create strong memories.

Marketing is story telling and when you are able to tap into peoples’ emotions, you’ll have their attention and get them engaged.

That’s why, when we write copy to market your hotel, we focus on telling the story of your hospitality.

Competing on price is a losing game and it’s simply not profitable.
You need to position yourself in a way that makes you stand out and offer something of true value to your target audience – your unique way of expressing hospitality.

We are all seeking human connection and simply sharing a little laugh with another person, or feeling the other person understands or cares about us, rises our spirits and make us feel good.

When people book a hotel they don’t look for perfect service, but for a great memory.

They are searching for a great host and an experience that’ll make them feel good.

Wouldn’t you do the same? When you book a hotel, you want to know that you’re visiting somewhere special.

Inviting and welcoming. A place where people look after you well….

And you enjoy reading about it in a way that resonates and connects you on an emotional level…

…and when you begin to envision the pleasures to come, you don’t think any longer about dimensions and discounts, but instead press the button that directs you to the booking engine…