Marketing for hotels that want more direct bookings,

more sales and more of their favorite guests

What do you see when you look at your hotel online?

Personality, affection and the distinct vibes of your place?

Does your commitment and passion behind all of this come across?

Can you see the soul of your hotel? At a glance?

If you answered with a firm “yes”, then you don’t need to read any further. You know what makes
your hotel experience unique and how you successfully attract your “best” guests.

If not, you may be one of the hotels that still focus their hotel marketing on location
and beautiful interior design, and we should talk…

I help hotels come alive online.

… with hotel marketing ideas and copy that do not only invite
to look and linger, but sell!

If you are a passionate host, you know that your hotel is so much more than your rooms.

A hotel is vibrant, stimulating and full of splendid moments,

…some of which are even magical…..,

“An amazing place brought to life by people for people.”

That is what your guests should see.

Text Spot On helps boutique and privately-owned hotels to position themselves successfully online.
Persuasive Copywriting, creative concepts, effective strategies and marketing coaching.

So you have more time to do what you do best –
Be a fabulous host to your guests!

Why be A Hotel, when you could be THE Hotel?

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