I help passionate hoteliers communicate their awesome hospitality,

so they can connect with their favorite guests

and get them to take action…

You are in the business for all the right reasons and you just KNOW
you’ve created something special with your hotel.

But here’s the problem. How do you stand out in an industry where booking platforms determine your fate?
Where algorithms based on special deals decide where and how prospective guests see you, and where site visitors are encouraged to immediately compare you with a vast amount of competitors?

The answer: You won’t. Ever. Stand out like this.

But what, if you remembered that your hotel is so much more than fancy room designs,nice restaurants and pretty images, with the same boring old adjectives describing them?

What if you communicated your value in the voice of the outstanding host you are, authentic and welcoming and emotionally engaging with your guests?

What if you could build excitement and joyful anticipation around the manner in which you express hospitality and the little touches your visitors tremendously enjoy and fondly remember?

And, what if they’d share their remarkable experience with their friends and business partners and family, and return over and over again?

Then, you’d move from being a Bed seller to being a Bestseller!

I understand, your designer hotel rooms are your pride and joy, and rightly so!

The problem is, with such an overwhelming choice and similar offers from your competitors, potential guests are having trouble deciding.

And whenever a decision seems difficult, we check in with our emotions.
We try to see how we feel about it and start to envision what it might be like,
a stay at that hotel ….

This is the point, when your hotel’s core differentiator comes into play –

The Magic Ingredients of Your Hospitality.

And we are not talking service offers here, or polite manners, but the real thing – the combined power of all the intangible components that create your authentic ambience
and set the mood at your hotel.

The way your team interacts with guests, and guests with other guests, the body language you unconsciously pick up on, and the vibes you can feel the moment you enter your hotel lobby. You get where I’m coming from.

This is what makes you stand out from the crowd.

“O.K.”, can I hear you saying, that’s fine and well, but how on earth do I get this “intangible something” across?

You have to sell your hotel’s “personality” instead of your inventory.

Why blend in when you can stand out?


Let’s get together and set your hotel apart!