Personal Branding and Marketing for Coaches

coach marketing

Don’t market your coaching business by marketing coaching


The biggest challenge in coach marketing is to help prospects determine quickly and effectively whether they have found what they perceive as the right match. People are looking for professional support and specific skills to help them grow professionally and personally, they do not search for coaching as the solution to their problems.

In the coaching niche, trust and personal interaction have a strong impact on the decision making process of your prospects.

Be THE go-to person for a very specific, carefully chosen target audience
and you will be in high demand as a coach.

Create a personal brand that shows your ideal clients how they can benefit from your skills, experience and drive – and persuade.

People seek you out because of what you have accomplished as a person and as a coach.
Your skills and expertise matter, but your story is just as important to them.
They are looking for a mentor, a teacher and advisor.
Someone who can guide them on how to best move forward to achieve their goals.

A powerful personal coaching brand that makes you stand out

  • We’ll help you tell your story so it resonates with your potential clients (without giving every little detail of your life away).
  • We’ll show you how to turn your unique skills and strengths into a compelling offer (and if you are not quite sure what it is that makes you stand out among your competitors, we’ll help you uncover it).
  • We help you come up with clearly defined, specific service offers that get the attention of your prospects and position you as the expert in the field.
  • We create a coach marketing website for you that expresses your personality and effectively showcases your product. Site visitors will get eager to learn more about you and contact you for an initial discussion.
  • We assist you with content for your coach marketing, adding value to your offer and sharing information with existing and potential new customers.

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